Artist Training: 2012 Volcano Conservatory

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Training opportunities like this are few and far between. There are lots of workshops, classes, and training sessions in the city, but I can’t recommend the Volcano Conservatory more highly. Having taken a class way back “in the day” with them, specifically training in Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints, I can honestly say that it’s influenced a huge amount of the work that I’m doing now. In fact, we’re using Viewpoints as a working mechanism right now for our creation of the TTC show.

Training is one of those things that keeps me going when a show isn’t around the corner. There is no substitute for rehearsals and performance¬† – it’s what theatre people are bred to love, and conditioned through school to expect every day when you get up in the morning, but the real world just isn’t like that. And so consistent training helps to maintain the level of performance that we hope to have while we wait for the next gig (or in many cases, create that next gig ourselves).

So, with all that in mind, and the knowledge that constant training is necessary to be a flexible actor – check out the offerings of this year’s Conservatory by clicking on the image below. There are discount rates for CAEA, ADA and CADA, as well as for those who take more than one class. Sign up soon – it’s well worth it.

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