Lilias returns home after a year incommunicado. She finds her sixteen year old sister, Petal, playing with construction paper and wasting away. She finds her mother, Vivian, oscillating between vicious and drunk. She finds George, her ex, more in love with her than ever. Most of all, she finds she has no idea how to cope. Salt explores the banality of tragedy and the lengths we will go to escape suffering through the everyday.

Glasswater is pleased to be working with Erin Vandenberg on her new play, Salt. First read as a part of our Potluck Playread Series, the show has been through a few more drafts, and two more readings, most recently at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. Stay tuned for more details about the show, and its upcoming production.

Creative Team

Erin Vandenberg
Mairin Smit
Luke LaRocque