Welcome to This Is Not A Review!

Posted on by Mairin

Welcome to Glasswater Theatre’s new blog, This Is Not A Review!

At Glasswater, we are continually excited by the emerging artist community in Toronto. This city is full of talented and innovative theatre-makers pushing the limits of the art and finding new ways to tell stories. We want to provide a forum to promote and discuss what’s new, cool and changing in the Toronto theatre scene. We want to talk about what you’re doing and where and how you’re doing it!

This blog is meant to be a one-stop resource for what’s happening in the emerging theatre world. Sometimes, as new artists, it’s hard to get the exposure you need and deserve, as well as discover what others are doing and how to get involved. We want to change that by putting it all here for you! We will have information on upcoming shows and opportunities by and for emerging artists, highlight new ideas and methods of creation, and provide general musings on the theatre ecology of the city. Be sure to check back regularly!

Our bloggers are always looking for great things to write about, so if you have an event you’d like us to check out, drop us a line at info@glasswater.ca and we’ll try to make it!

Looking forward to seeing what you’re creating!

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