Far from the Tree

Glasswater Theatre presents: Far from the Tree as part of the 2011 Hamilton Fringe Festival created by the ensemble directed by Mairin Smit The Flynn family is in for a big change. With oldest daughter Anna heading off to university soon, mom Lorraine and youngest daughter Melanie have to confront their differences (and similarities) to find a way to live with each other. Complicating matters further is Marion, Lorraine’s mother, who has recently reunited with the family after a long absence. Through all the change and turmoil, the Flynns are forced to examine their family history; the joys, the surprises and the tragedies, in order to discover what being a family means to them now. Incorporating dance and innovative movement, Far from the Tree explores and challenges our notion of family conflict and how, through an understanding of where we come from, we gain insight into who we are.


Theatre Aquarius Studio Theatre, 190 King William Street, Hamilton, ON


July 15-24, 2011


Hilary Krull
Lou, Marion
Jessica Rose
Emily Opal Smith
Kate Werneburg

Creative Team

Mairin Smit
Luke LaRocque
Stage Manager
Caitilin O'Hare
Costume Design
Rufus Cappadocia


"It’s amazing how only four people and four wooden cubes can fill a whole space and even overflow through the audience... The company took us through chaos and then tied up the ends so we could leave the theatre well sated. This is a must see for Fringe goers." - Marion Rutter, Hamilton Fringe review